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This Jason’s “adult toy” completely ruined our childhood, but sold it all over the world

“This is an uncle who likes to know the inner nature, Catch who dissected whom.”

If you’re a fan of trendy toys, you’re no stranger to  this “little yellow duck” by torn to the open .

And this one shows the white bone

And this one has been localized
“Balloon dog”

It have bones and guts.

Not to mention this creepy Hello Kitty.

(My Childhood was destroyed)

In the last two years, there has been a worldwide network of dissecting dolls, all of them from the American artist—-Uncle Jason Freeny’s hand!

The police officer, that’s who he is  ruined our childhood.

All these classic cartoon characters in his hand were dissected, exposing the bones and guts of the body. From the Lego dolls to Micky Mouse ,from Mario to Smurf, from Barbie to Hello Kitty.

Well, all your childhood cartoons have been mercilessly ruined…

Even the Rubik’s cube failed to escape.

But, looking at these familiar images ,there was some joy inside of the overturned boring. Do you have any same felling ?


Jason was born in Maryland in 1970 and became a digital illustrator after graduating from the prestigious Pratt institute for industrial design in New York.

After graduation, he found a job as a robot illustrator in a business company, and he designed the image of a balloon dog.It may be that he is too otaku, and in his daily work to make himself  passionate, he uses the balloon dog as a real living creature. He thought: what a funny thing it would be if this thing had brains, bones and blood vessels.

So during that time, he finished the 3D rendering of the first balloon toy.

But he was not famous at the time,  and he lost his job as an illustrator during the economic crisis.  For six months,  he spent all his money and began to make sculptures in a mortified economy.  At first, is a science and engineering and medical uncle bought a 3 inch version Kidrobot,  after open it studies the internal structure,  he designed the corresponding framework and internal organs, and then fill in the clay,  carving out the bones and organs.  In the end, This guy actually sold $50 on Ebay!

This surprised him ,  because this is three times his expected price!

Just like that, Mr.Freeny  can’t stop the way to “peeling”.And this trade makes a lot more money than before.

He was influenced by pop art, modernism and surrealism.

At first, he found that people were familiar with many cartoon characters, but they usually only saw the 2D image of these characters, so  Mr.Freeny took the familiar things and created them.

For love of anatomy of the scientific research way of biological structures, he first choice familiar cartoon and animation role, make the image with the anatomy of the stereo, will all the familiar cartoon dolls toy has risen to a higher level.

But as these are famous cartoon characters, as his dolls became hot and sold, they also attracted many complaints from companies. Some companies here resist and resort to law, leading to the fact that the uncle has to stop working. But some companies would like to express their love for the practice, but they also told him not to go on, because it involved infringement. But other companies are happy because they think it will help them spread the cartoons and actively seek out a deal with Jason to get a piece of the action.

You see. That’s  have changed.

Those company that strictly forbids Jason to dissect his cartoon image, look other companies with Jason to make money together. The heart is very not taste, turn a thought, why should we forbid him. we should support him that it can help us to spread. In this way, the fate of uncle is completely changed!Because at first Jason’s work was made by himself.The speed of production is a snail’s pace relative to the demands of fans.(now who can get the original handmade doll, it’s really worth the money. )

He mainly used the dentist tools and pumpkin carving tools as sculptural tools, while clay used epoxy clay, which was used after she made three sculptures.

Since the clay it can harden doesn’t need to be fired, so he does it from the inside to the outside, starting with the lean back organs and tissues .

It takes a month to six weeks to make a sculpture, and of course it depends on the size and detail of the sculpture. He usually does five sculptures except taking care of his children.

By now the Jason has dissected four barbies.(to destroy childhood )

And with the arrival of famous cartoon brands, many toy factories have come to ask for help in mass production.  As the yield suddenly increased, his works quickly opened up the market. Fans were excited to post photos of their doll hand do the social media.  So uncle’s work and ideology became more and more popular.

Now, whenever a cartoon character is come into the marketr,don’t look for Jason  to dissect the plane to be ashamed to say that he is famous cartoon internet celebrity.

Some super cliched cartoon image, even because Jason’s dissect is rejuvenated again. Because people would jokingly say: “ah , originally he is so.” Inadvertently, uncle turned his preferences into “standards”!

The popper dissect figures
It’s my favorite

For example, spongebob is an interesting character for uncle Jason, but he didn’t have a detailed model for spongebob, because the market was so rough. When Nickelodeon knows, it was immediately contacted him, he found a big box of 3D spongebob models on his doorstep just a few days later. And Jason didn’t make the Nickelodeon feel disappoint.Finally, he has been dissect it like this. (with every detail vividly described)

Not long ago, uncle Jason had a message on instagram,to start dissect the Campanion of KAWS, a popular Fried chicken. This has caused extreme dissatisfaction with KAWS. The war of words was began, including their own fans. Just a few days ago, the uncle finally finished his work and released a complete “anatomy operation.”  Mr.Freeny  uses the action to express the”such dissection.”

I  feels that this final product is amazing. However, this image, the opposite fan unexpectedly have defected to come over,say why feel so inconceivable?

Do you know what kind of prototype is this?
aha (this is the destruction of childhood )

 Jason’s favorite production is Mario and barbie, because the two are closest to real people.

How, after seeing these do not feel a kind of exciting and the addiction ?

Facts have proven that these otherworldly hand puppets has won a lot of net friend’s affection, he production’s collectors contains toy enthusiasts and collectors from all over the world, even including the doctor.

Even superfans have tattooed Hello Kitty’s anatomy.

This is Mr.Freeny who likes to know the inner nature,catch who’s dissecting who.But seriously, dissection it’s not easy.And we find that these familiar cartoon characters take off the their lovely clothes and exposed the bones and guts,we are more love they.

Last year,  Jason brought his production to Shanghai for a toy show.

Finally, in order to cater to the super abnormal exciting, Jason also launched a top-of-the-line toy, a baby version of hello Kitty — which is definitely a top freak.

But i like it !


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