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such a gorgeous vacuum cup !In addition to the concave shape, there is also super heat preservation, insulation effect!

2017-09-21 Justin.jia The New Design.


Who said that the vacuum cup is the Middle-aged exclusive?  please,I’ll show you one.

    when you hold the vacuum cup to drink water,

you might be seen as the Middle-aged uncle

take it easy,that’s just the past.


By designer Kinda Kao, model of “beauty” and functional – BOII enpii “by” hexagonal series vacuum cup, from now on let water into a kind of fashion, rather than middle-aged a representative of the disdain of a product.

Beauty and functionality coexist

BOII enpii  Hexagonal series insulated cup

BOII enpii is different from the ordinary thermos ,First of all, there is no ordinary cylindrical shape in the shape.Instead, it is designed with a six-shape pencil, with a stainless steel material, and made by hand polishing process to make it look especially delicate

                 The six deformation shape design of pencil is adopted,

And edible grade stainless steel material

And it is made by hand


Such modelling design besides the fashionable feeling extremely, the main also can increase when opening grip strength, such as the girls all love put some hand cream on her hands, the traditional cylindrical cup body to unscrew it, it is to kiss life ~ ~ ~ and BOII enpii hexagon design, can let sister easily face, ignore the awkward  situation


In addition to having such a unique shape design, BOII enpii is more remarkable for its ability to heat 24 hours of cold, 12-hour heat insulation.

Durable 24 hours  cold insulation, 12 hours insulation


Cup body USES 4 layer structure design method, make its have than comparable keep-warm glass to meet the effect of heat preservation, cold, and it is not subject to the influence of ambient temperature, cold winter or hot summer, can be persistent to keep the temperature in the cup.


Four layers of structure design Let the temperture of the cup not be affected by any ecternal tempature.

Spray the outside of the burner for 15 seconds,The ice in thermos

still remain。

In addition,there is also a very humanized design is, in a small bottle with a built-in filter, plus a cup body lasting heat preservation, have to say that for boys or girls love drinking tea, it is practical but again

There is a small bottle at the mouth Built-in filter design

BOII enpii another characteristic is that it is really very gently to let girls use, will not have any bearing heavy burdens when they are feeling at the same time, to throw into the water after floating free play, as a result, bring it to see the sea is no pressure

BOII enpii has six color choices: classic silver, cement ash, mustard yellow, charcoal black, lake water blue, skin powder.

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New WeChat ID:xinsheji


And no matter which kind of color match with this kind of modelling, be enough to let the fashionable person that pursues perfect character, or uncles auntie in mid-year, perfect show has unique character temperament

In other words, it’s getting colder and colder, and as the weather gets drier, how can we get water? ! The main thing is that it is very beautiful, completely tidal off the street without pressure.

At last, I can hold a warm cup and drink water  and never would be someone considering me as Middle-aged uncle。




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New WeChat ID:xinsheji

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