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Cut vegetables, cut meat, open cover, cut! This is the real kitchen artifact


A good pair of scissors in hand

It will have the effect of half the effort

This pair of scissors is not for cutting hair, but for cutting vegetables, cutting meat, opening a bottle cap and so on, a cut can be done, multi-purpose scissors

Cut vegetables, cut meat, and open bottle caps

One cut will do

CS chefs use multi-function scissors


As a first use scissors to cut cut, the most important is its sharp, is the so-called good steel used in the blade, CS specially used to used for tool use, and high hardness of 3 cr14 edible grade stainless steel material, greatly improve the wear-resisting and sharp at the same time, when using the built-in back stretch very strong spring design, let the opening and closing of more easily

Use of 3CR14 edible stainless steel material

With high durability and sharp features and wear-resistant properties

Built-in resilient spring design

It’s very labor-saving

The bone parts of poultry fish can be cut easily with the force of a piece of paper

Just cut a piece of paper

You can easily cut the bones of poultry and fish

Cut a piece of meat so easy, use it to prepare good food to cut a paragraph or a piece, not to say lightly lightly


It can also be used to cut a piece of food or a piece of cake

As a versatile and versatile pair of scissors, CS is not just a simple cut of the dish and meat, but also has a bottle opener at the handle, which can be easily opened and used

A bottle opener at the handle
The bottle cap can be opened easily

But the most powerful and ingenious design of CS is that it can be divided into two parts, which can be transformed into a kitchen knife from a pair of scissors

Split in two

Instantly from a pair of scissors to a kitchen knife


Good steel, cut fruit, cut meat very well


The main thing is that “shearing” and “dao” can be more convenient to clean after separation, thus avoiding the bacteria residue between the cracks

The “scissors” and “dao” are easy to clean after separation

Prevent the bacteria from leaving between the gaps

After use, the closing switch of the handle should be designed to prevent the handle from opening automatically, so as to ensure the use of safety, it is also more convenient for receiving

Closed switch design at the end of the handle

Ensure that the use of safety is easy to receive


A cut in the hand to cut, cut, open and so on, so “cut” a single who can not love

Cut vegetables, cut meat, and open bottle caps

One cut will do


A good pair of scissors

It’s a pre-emptive strike

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