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Are you definitely getting this phone no matter what the price?


iPhone X Specs list preview after leak,we now have found out that Apple may introduce three new smartphones in the September 12 event, which is the iPhone 8, the iPhone 8 Plus with the premium model the iPhone X.

Those some of the rumored features that have been uncovered for that iPhone X determined by what needs been found inside iOS 11 GM code.

Following on from the massive iPhone X leak which we stated about inside your earlier article, we are able to now provide you with even more information for the likely iPhone X specs that can accompany the product.

Thanks to information uncovered from the iOS 11 GM, the iPhone X specs could include 3GB of RAM which is a boost for the 2GB thought to be offered with the iPhone 8 and Plus models.


Elsewhere, the alleged iPhone X specs list includes:



– 5.8-inch OLED edge to edge display

– 12MP rear camera

– 7MP front camera with 1080p video at 30FPS

– 4K Video at 60FPS

– A11 processor with six cores

– Face ID that may replace Touch ID

– New messaging ‘Animojis’involving 3D camera sensors to make emojis according to your individual facial expressions and voice!


Exciting issues you would agree. The truly amazing news is we merely have hours to visit until Apple’s event sets to confirm everything would be the real deal.

How much are you willing to pay for this phone?

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